NW Market

NW Market e-commerce-website-design
NWmarket.co.uk is a London-based group of supermarkets. 

Their motto is 'All for You, All Traditional. They offer products from all over the world including Turkish, Romanian, Polish and Mediterranian Products. 



When the https://www.nwmarket.co.uk website was not performing well and was really hard for the team to update and manage the senior team decided to take the opportunity to fully redesign the website with a view to improving security, but to also create a website which reflected the firms position in the marketplace as high-end architectural specialists. The old website was designed to appeal to more budget conscious shoppers, which meant that it failed to effectively reach the main target market. As well as enhanced security and a premium feel, the brief for the new website also required the use of good animation and imagery.

We were asked to undertake the work because the management team wanted to work with a local business that was able to add value to a longer-term relationship.

https://www.nwmarket.co.uk found us on Google and at our first meeting it was clear that our proposal and our general approach to our work would meet and exceed the firm’s requirements.



We started this project by evaluating the client’s needs, assessing the previous security breach and testing out some initial design approaches before getting to work designing and building the site. We envisioned an exciting, interactive website which would fully promote the full range of products available, whilst reflecting the feel of a high-end supermarket in the design and presentation of images, graphics and online information.

To address the security issue, we created a custom security patch, which would prevent any future hacking attempts and which would also record the IP address of a hacker so that it could be blocked by the website admin team.

In response to the client’s requirements we used WordPress as the CMS for the website, and heavily developed the selected template to include animated graphics and transitions. Large product images and a clear navigation structure help to showcase the firm’s previous work and make it easy for potential clients shop online.

The Result of Our Work

The new website has worked really well and has attracted new customers to nwmarket.co.uk. With admin support and website monitoring 24 hours a day the previous security concerns were a thing of the past, whilst the new design was so eye-catching that the businesses’ customers were asking who undertook the design work!